Sample RFP

Sample Request For Proposal


To: Interested Irrigation Consultants

From: ASIC

Subject: Request for Proposals (RFP) for Provision of Irrigation Consultant Services to the ( name of owner, client, etc ...) for the irrigation development of ( name of project )




The Owner/Client invites Independent Professional Irrigation Consultants who are qualified to provide their professional services in the development, preparation of construction documents, and administration of the contract after it has been awarded to a qualified contractor.

Scope and Criteria

( give a thorough description of the proposed project )


The Irrigation Consulting Firm shall be:

A professional firm that sole source of income is derived from the professional services they offer to the clients they represent.

An independent professional consulting firm without any affiliation with contractors, suppliers, manufacturers, or any interest that could be construed as a conflict of interest to the proposed project.

A professional firm that has experience in the design and administration of projects of similar scope and size as described in the Scope & Criteria section.

Is a professional firm covered by all the necessary insurance's including general liability, and errors & omissions coverage. ( provide proof of insurance documentation )

Scope of Services Contract

The selected Irrigation Consultant will be responsible for all services required for the design of the proposed improvements including any subconsultant services. The Owner /Client shall have the right to approve any subconsultants to the Irrigation Consultant.

The following phases will be a part of the Irrigation Consultants services

I. Initial Planning

Meet with Owner and Design Team to Determine:


Design Objectives

Construction Budgets

Review available information


Site Visit

Report on conditions & Off-site influences

II. Design Development

The Irrigation Consultant shall

Prepare Pre-design sketches & Ideas

Prepare Complete Sleeving Drawings

Sample Specifications

Coordinate Utility and Mechanical Requirements

Investigate and Evaluate Water Supply

Estimate Construction Cost

Schedule a Review Meeting

III. Contract Documents

The Irrigation Consultant shall generate:

Complete Final Design

Complete Final Specifications

Complete Set of Construction Details

Final Cost Estimate

IV. Contract Administration/Observation

Bidding and Contract

Schedule or attend Pre-Bid Meeting

Negotiate Contract if required

Construction Administration

Schedule or attend Pre- Construction Meeting

Provide staking or layout service

Submittal Review

Site Visits for Construction/Installation Observation

Field Reports describing observations, problems and recommended solutions

Punch Listing

Final Acceptance

Submittal Requirements

The Irrigation Consultant shall:

Provide background and experience credentials for projects of similar scope and size.

Minimum of four client references, including personal contacts and telephone numbers.

The firm submitting the proposal shall include a narrative clearly describing its perception of, and approach to the project.

Selection Process

( description of the process )

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